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Children with poor sulfation end up with encephalopathy when vaccinated and they are running low on GcMAF. GcMAF is a protein that attacks viruses and pathogens in vaccines. it also attacks cancer in 6 different ways. D3 deficiency leads to GcMAF deficiency and poor sulfation of D3 leads to GcMAF deficiency.

When should you look into GcMAF defiency, hyperoxaluria and poor sulfation:

  • People who have calcium oxalate kidney stones (calcium oxalate crystals deposit in the kidney)
  • People with interstitial cystitis (the calcium oxalate crystals cause pain in the urinary tract)
  • People with fibromyalgia (calcium oxalate crystals deposit in your tissues)
  • People with CFS/ME(When B6 activity is low, the body starts making endogenous oxalate, and that harms oxidative phosphorylation, so that you stop making sufficient ATP.. That can cause sulfur wasting into urine since the sulfate cannot then be used for sulfation. Sulfate has to be converted into PAPS to be used to sulfate anything, and that requires ATP) Quote from Susan Costen Owens
  • People with cancer (remember GcMAF regulates the cannabinoid pathway)
  • People with autism (when GcMAF is deficient swelling of the brain can occur and do irreversible damage to a child whose brain has not fully developed)
  • People with artherosclerosis (calcium builds up in vessels and arteries)
  • People with elevated A1C (sugar feeds cancer cells and what GcMAF you have may be eating up the access cancer cells and cause pancreatic insufficiency because GcMAF is needed for pancreatic support)
  • People with light colored or white stools (GcMaF is needed in the liver. When low, fatty liver sets in)
  • People with salivary stones (calcium oxalate crystals have been found in salivary ducts)
  • People with osteoporosis (calcium stops transporting to the bones and goes elsewhere)
  • People with pyroluria (when the body is low on B6 it cannot clear pyrroles)
  • People with elevated glutamate and low GABA (glutamate is an excitotoxin and GABA is a calming neurotransmitter and the GAD gene helps convert glutamate into GABA. GAD’s cofactor is P5P)
  • People with mast cell (DAO/ABP1 deficiency will cause poor breakdown of histamine which can cause anaphylactic shock)
  • People with leaky gut (they have been found to be GcMAF deficient in the gut because of microbial disruption and the calcium oxalate crystals make tiny microscopic holes in the gut)
  • People who consume GMO Roundup ready foods. (Glyphosate destroys the shikamate pathway of your gut microbiome. We are 10% DNA and 90% microbial. When this happens you start running low on the cofactors for sulfation in order to sulfate your D3 in order to be able to make GcMAF).
  • People who have MTHFR SNPs impaired. (When sulfation is impaired by oxalates, methionine synthase stops working well and MTHFR is a part of methionine synthase.)

When sulfation is poor phase one liver detox stops working well and also stage two liver detox which is methionine synthase. The pentose phosphate pathway will stop working well where you will not be able to make NADPH well especially when you consume Roundup ready GMO foods. G6PD is the main SNP on the pentose phosphate pathway which makes NADPH and GMO’s Roundup ready foods have been shown to cause G6PD deficiency. When the PPP does not work well, mitochondria function gets impaired, your red blood cells start exploding and your glutathione has oxidative damage. Remember the CYP450 genes (phase one liver detox) are NADPH dependent electron transport pathways.
So when you connect all of the dots, GcMAF becomes deficient because of poor sulfation and elevated oxalates since the oxalates start hogging up the transport system and you will see sulfate wasting in the urine. Knowing that GcMAF regulates the cannabinoid pathway and people with cancer have poor cannabinoid regulation, it is important to address sulfation and eat a GMO free diet.


Written by Sterling Hill

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