Lyme disease took another beautiful life; Paige Adams, a nurse practitioner who dedicated her life to helping, healing and loving others passed away last night. I do not know much as of yet but I will let everyone know that she was an advocate for alternative medicine and battling Lyme disease herself. Paige and I did not see eye to eye sometimes but she did love and care for her patients and did everything she could to see that they had a better quality of life. And boy did she know about hormones and thyroid. We did a three part interview with Paige about 2 years back. She had so much to share with the world and this is just so tragic that such a young beautiful life left us. With tears in my eyes and hurt in my heart I am writing this. The world is missing and mourning a beautiful healer tonight. Help, heal and love.




More about Paige Adams: Paige Adams, FNP-B,C; MEDMAPS

An interview with Paige Adams from two years ago: Treatment of Hormonal Imbalances