MTHFR Support and MTHFR Support Australia Present:

SNP Learning Series: Your comprehensive guide to understanding the Methylation Variant Report

Join us for this masterclass series. It’s a must for anyone addressing MTHFR and methylation. When someone wants to run their DNA through the 23andme database they need a report to highlight the key alleles that may affect their health. Sterling Hill’s variant report has become the definitive guide for practitioners and Sterling’s knowledge is second to none with regards to the research behind each of the SNP’s. The variant report for MTHFR Support has just been revised and many practitioners are struggling to understand the significance of many of these SNP’s. This is your opportunity to gain a full understanding of the key SNP’s and the significance of these SNP’s in the metabolic pathways. Sterling will be joined by MTHFR and methylation experts Carolyn Ledowsky and Cynthia Smith who will explain the metabolic pathways and nutritional applications to assist in the regulation of key genes.

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