Sterling’s new variant report Version 2 is finally here!


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  • More SNPs added
  • Updates are free
  • 825 SNPs total
  • Search Bar
  • Tag search
  • Snp Search
  • More than 10,000 unique tags
  • Over 70,000 combination tags
  • Diagrams and Pathways
  • Sorting by SNP name, risk allele, your allele your results




  • SNPbits (video’s next to the SNPs)
  • www.snpbits.com
  • API access to our report generation system (you will be able to host our app right on your website)


New walk-through on downloading your 23andMe file:



Some Screenshots from our new app:

New app welcome screen:

2015-02-09 12_59_20-MTHFR Support – Sterling’s App


New Report Screen:

2015-02-09 13_00_29-MTHFR Support – Order Reports
A Sample Diagram:

2015-02-09 13_01_16-MTHFR Support – View Report

If you are concerned about your old reports they are still there. Give us time for converting them to the new site. This should take no longer than 2 weeks to be accomplished.
If you have to gain access to your previous report immediately contact us at contact@mthfrsupport.com and we will get your old variant report to you as soon as possible.