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December 2015 News & Updates

Sterling’s App Updates & National Geographic We’ve been diligently working to add support for genomes from services other than 23andMe. Recently our work has come to a head and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve begun beta testing support for genomes from and National Geographic. We’re currently seeking volunteers to help us [...]

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SNP Learning Series

MTHFR Support and MTHFR Support Australia Present: SNP Learning Series: Your comprehensive guide to understanding the Methylation Variant Report Join us for this masterclass series. It’s a must for anyone addressing MTHFR and methylation. When someone wants to run their DNA through the 23andme database they need a report to highlight the key alleles that [...]

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MTHFR Support Variant Report v2.1 Released!

The Variant reports in Sterling's App have received an update! We've added more than 100 new SNPs to our variant report and more than 1000 unique, new tags to go with them. We've also reorganized some others to reduce the redundancy of the report overall. You'll see many more CYP 450 SNPs in Phase I [...]

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New Radio Shows Added!

We’ve added several new and important episodes of Dr Jess Armine’s Methylation Support radio show to our Radio Show page! […]

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Now Available – Sterling Hill’s Lecture and More!

In January Sterling spoke at a conference hosted by The Institute for Methylation and Bioindividualized Medicine. The full video recordings of her lecture and those of the other speakers are now available at! Links are also available in our own shop under the MABIM and Educational categories. Sterling spoke about several SNPs, their pathways, [...]

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Suzy Cohen, RPh on Genes, Methylation & Your Health

Suzy Cohen, America’s Pharmacist, has mentioned us on her site and recommends the Variant Reports from Sterling’s App in a long and interesting article about the basics of genetic testing, SNPs and Methylation!   Read it here: Genes, Methylation and your Health   More about Suzy Cohen, RPh: Suzy Cohen, America’s Pharmacist has been a [...]

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Sterling’s App, The New Version!

Listen to this fantastic radio show in which Dr. Jess Armine interviews the creator of MTHFR Support & Sterling's App, the one and only Sterling Hill Erdei! In this radio show Dr. Jess and Sterling discuss the new App and it's features, general health and well-being, complex cases, research techniques and more. Check Out Health [...]

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