After much hard work and effort, we are pleased to introduce you to The Institute for Methylation and Bioindividualized Medicine!

The Institute for Methylation and Bioindividualized Medicine (MABIM) is a partnership between MTHFR Support, the Center for Bioindividualized Medicine, and a multidisciplinary team of practitioners. MABIM is dedicated to assisting others in understanding individual and/or grouped genetic polymorphisms (SNPs), their interplay with environmental elements and the resulting impact on health.

The MABIM Paradigm

  • Integrates genetics with functional medicine principles
  • Recognizes that all persons are unique due to the epigenetic expression of their individual genetics, coupled with their distinct environmental exposures
  • Utilizes the concepts of epigenetics/nutrigenomics, neurotransmitter balancing, hormone balancing, GI and immune system regulation, mitochondrial optimization, and cell membrane integrity
  • Enables a Practitioner to identify and address root cause(s) of dysfunction and associated “downstream” effects, on an individual basis
  • Provides tools for developing targeted therapies to address chronic illness, and to optimize homeostasis in folks who entrust us with their health

We’re ready to share the first fruits of our labor with you! We’ve organize the first (of many) conferences to take place in Philadelphia, PA in January 2015!

This conference will be open to anyone interested in learning more about an approach to health and medical care that combines genetics (and Sterling’s App!) with functional medicine principals. All who wish to learn and grow in understanding are welcome. Seating is limited and early registrants can get discounted tickets, so act soon!


Sterling herself will be one of the speakers at this conference.