Tracy’s Story


Tracy is a 41 year old mother who has been bedridden for almost 5 years now with chronic, multiple health conditions. Lyme disease, Hughs syndrome, meningioma brain tumors and genetic issues diabetes drugs. She desperately needs life saving tests and medicines that insurance does not cover. She has no family support and no other means of financial help outside of her husband who is having a difficult time finding permanent work.


Tracy was a promising massage therapist before she got sick, her passion was working with the terminally ill and she still dreams of helping people again, she refuses to give up hope. If Tracy can raise the money  for the tests and medicines needed she will finally be put on the path of healing. Please be the hope that Tracy believes in. Thank you.

I met Tracy about a month ago. Her husband contacted me. She has been bedridden for a few years now and would like her life back. She looked into nutrigenomics once allopathic medicine gave up on her. Tracy has her husband supporting her but like most who fall ill, you find out who really cares. Everyone else has given up on her.

Tracy seems to have many symptoms that I had about 11 years ago when I plummeted down to 85 pounds. Hyper coagulation, weight loss, loss of fat in stools, spontaneous dumping, heart racing, hyper reactive immune system, focal seizures and many other ailments.


She is confined to her room and has lost all family support besides her husband. It is so hard for others to understand when you are sick especially when allopathic gives up on you. Her husband is going through some hard times right now. They had to pack up everything they had in New Mexico and move to California in hopes that the lower elevation levels would slow down her hyper coagulation. He has just gotten a job and it is only covering their basics. So I have started this fundraiser in hopes that Tracy can get some vital testing that is not covered by medicaid.

Remember, when I do these fundraisers, not one penny goes to me. The Pay Pal button goes directly into Tracy’s account. I have donated to her cause  just like every other fundraiser I have done in the past. She is really needing our support. Helping others is a priority in my life. I feel when you give, you get back ten fold.